Elite Dangerous Odyssey gets better planet visuals, rendering performance boosts, and a host of fixes today


Today is the sixth update for the PC version of Elite: Dangerous Odyssey, bringing with it some feature adjustments, performance improvements, the improved camera suite, and a list of bug fixes.

A couple of these new features have been discussed by developer Frontier Developments previously, such as better planetary textures and new planet surface types, the improved camera suite, AI troopers at military outposts wielding rocket launchers, and performance improvements. Those performance improvements are further elaborated on in the patch notes, explaining the integration of AMD super-resolution features, which render things in a lower resolution and then upscales rather than rendering everything in a higher resolution.

The notes outline a wide variety of other fixes and adjustments as well, such as a correction of POI missions not loading correctly, an increase to the difficulty of professional assassination targets, an added outfitting option to purchase module and immediately store, instead of installing on ship, AI vision ranges now being scaled based on the size of an observed object, and a long list of UI updates among other things. As with previous updates of this sort, the patch notes provide a long list to read up on.

source: official forums, thanks to Stuart for the tip!

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