Astroneer is heading to the Nintendo Switch in early 2022


As much fun as Astroneer can be, you currently have to settle in at home in order to play the game, so clearly modern society has somehow failed us. Fortunately that’s a temporary problem, as the game has been announced for release on Nintendo Switch in early 2022, thus ensuring that you can just take your Switch with you and continue to build your ornate space-mining operations wherever you so desire out in the world.

There’s also no need to worry about being behind in terms of overall game content, as the launch on the Switch will include all the content from the current game as well as a new expansion releasing concurrently with the additional platform. Unfortunately, cross-play will not be available, so you’ll have to deal with starting all over again if you’re an old hand at the game looking to play on an additional platform. Still, if you want to get your Astroneer fix on the go, there are worse options.


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Yay, new update! Oooh, and a cute space snail at the end! I think that might be the first actual animal they’ve added – everything else is some variation of interactive or “mildly hostile” plant. (A couple types shoot at you or puff some kind of space-suit eating gas.)

Sarah Cushaway

Nice. This is one I will get my kiddo.