Guild Wars 2’s first beta event for End of Dragons’ elite specs is live today

Hooray, I won!
If you’re anxious to get your hands on the first three Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite specs, then today is your day to play, as the first beta event is set to launch this afternoon. Everyone – even free-to-play players with no expansions – can log in and tool around with the Mesmer, Guardian, and Necromancer specs on temporary character slots.

“The first playable Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons content arrives today with three elite specializations, which provide new and exciting ways to play existing character professions, are available for all players as part of the expansion’s first beta test. Logging in to Guild Wars 2 will grant players the ability to create up to three new characters automatically powered to the level 80 cap, with the ability to choose the new Willbender, Harbinger, and Virtuoso elite specializations for the guardian, Necromancer, and Mesmer professions. The beta will last until August 21 and be available to everyone, including play-for-free accounts.”

There are six specs to go after this one, of course; we’ll see a second beta September 21st and a third October 26th.

Source: Press release, official site
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