Neverwinter answers questions about molding the D&D Bard class to fit its game


It’s easy to assume that moving classes in Dungeons & Dragons over to a video game would be easy, but the Bard class is a bit more distinct and challenging. Factor in making that class suitable for an MMO and challenges likely double. Facing that challenge in Neverwinter was the focus of an interview with executive producer Matt Powers, lead designer Randy Mosiondz, and D&D lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford.

The interview notes how the devs were seeking to make Bard’s jack-of-all-trades style translate appropriately in Neverwinter, with emphasis on taking the tabletop game as inspiration for the MMO’s action gameplay instead of doing a perfect one-to-one translation of the class. Much was also made about making the class something of an artist in battle, in fashion, and in music. Crawford also nods to the Bard class’ penchant for fashion with the College of Glamour added to D&D’s Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

The interview itself is generally softball but a fun read nonetheless. For further reading on Neverwinter and its recent update, make sure to check out our own interview with Mosiondz, as well as our first impressions of Jewel of the North and our latest livestream starring the Bard.

source: The Hollywood Reporter, thanks Neurotic for the tip!

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Dug From The Earth

With how vastly different Neverwinter is to actual D&D, I imagine the chat goes something like this,

questioner, “what elements of the bard did you take from D&D?”
devs, “We researched a ton and decided to take the classes theme to put in our game.”
questioner, “and?”
devs, “and thats all”

Bruno Brito

PnP RPer: “What about multiclassing and building your character through meaningful levels?”

Devs: You can acquire Astral Diamonds to build your character! What’s multiclassing?

RPer:…what’s Astral Diamonds?


That’s pretty much it. I had re-installed to give the bard a go but it never felt a bit like any bard I had ever played before. I got to around level 5 or so and uninstalled.