Social life sim MMO Polity plans 2022 launch as closed beta marches on


Last spring, we covered a new-to-us MMO called Polity by Jib Games. It’s essentially a Turkish indie social game that borrows ideas from The Sims and Stardew Valley to foster a roleplaying environment where players can join and rule countries, trade, travel, play minigames, and participate in lifeskilling professions – everything from farming to foresting. According to Steam, it’s set to launch in 2022.

Half a year after our first post, we’re checking in again and find that the game has actually officially entered closed beta after pumping out small updates all summer. Apparently, enrollment in the beta is ongoing, but it’s a bit clunky as the devs want players to fill out a form with their details rather than just click through the Steam button.

A quick trip through the patch notes over the last six months shows a range of nifty additions clearly going into the game; we spy references to elections, farming machines, phone interfaces, the payment screen, questing, profession stalls, and plenty more.

Source: Steam
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