Elder Scrolls Online celebrates Skyrim’s 10th anniversary with a new video for the MMO


The Elder Scrolls franchise is having one hell of a week: Not only did Elder Scrolls Online just drop Deadlands, its last DLC of the year, but Skyrim is celebrating its 10th anniversary on 11-11-21. (Yes it launched on 11-11-11. Get ready for a bunch of games to launch on 2-2-22 and 2-22-22 too. Then on 2-2-32 and 2-22-32, you can feel extremely old as you celebrate their 10th birthdays!)

Anyhow, while Skyrim fans are enjoying yet another launch of that game in the form of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition upgrade, Bethsoft and ZeniMax want to make sure everyone remembers that you can play Elder Scrolls in MMO form online right now and you don’t even need to buy another copy of Skyrim to do it! To that end, the company has released a new promo video full of pretty vistas and gameplay explainers.

“In this in-depth introductory video, you can discover what kind of gameplay and adventures await you in The Elder Scrolls Online, including breakdowns on character creation and progression, exploration, PvP, group activities, crafting, combat, and much more. The Elder Scrolls Online is a massive, ever-growing game, and the world you first explored years ago might not be the same one you can experience now. With new adventures, systems, and mechanics added every year, and an roleplaying experience that’s shaped by our players and frequent updates, there’s never been a better time for you and your community to check out this new tutorial video and discover (or rediscover!) ESO for yourselves.”

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