Guild Wars 2 takes fans through a tour of the new Isle of Reflection guild hall


If all of the Canthan style present in Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons has you eager to dress up your guild hall in the same way, then you’re in luck because the expansion is also adding a new guild hall known as the Isle of Reflection, and it’s chock-full of gorgeous Asian-inspired design.

The new guild hall is showcased in a video preview, offering a sneak peek at just a few of the hall’s rooms and some of the impressive decorations guilds will be able to fill it with. A more in-depth look at the Isle of Reflection will be part of ArenaNet’s next Guild Chat livestream this coming Friday, December 3rd, at 3:00 p.m. EST, along with a look at new legendary weapon variants, new story NPCs, and Arborstone Revitalization Masteries, all of which readers will recall was previously outlined in a livestream schedule post. In the meantime, fill your eyes with a glorious new guild hall in the video below.

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