PlanetSide 2 tentatively plans Oshur for January with focused testing in mid-December


The prospect of a new continent arriving to PlanetSide 2 is undoubtedly extremely exciting to players of the battlefield MMORPG, but the arrival of that content is going to take some time. According to a post from the devs, that arrival will be sometime in January after reassessing the amount of work that needs to be done and time off for the holidays.

Before then, the Oshur continent is due for its usual round of testing, starting off with focused closed beta testing sometime in the middle of December, followed by a more public test in the early part of January. The post also briefly talked about water testing on PTS, noting that it “revealed much that [the devs] weren’t already in the process of addressing.”

In the meantime, the Distant Shores campaign will see expedition countdowns and other dates shift towards Oshur’s planned January arrival. The shooter will also see an update this week that brings back the annual Auraximas event, adds a new Exceptional directive, and applies some bug fixes and balance changes.

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