Final Fantasy XIV suspends housing demolition in response to login queue issues

Walk free.

It can be rough logging into¬†Final Fantasy XIV at the moment. The early access period for the game’s fourth expansion,¬†Endwalker, has resulted in notable queues, with a week of free subscription time already offered as compensation for the login queue issues. As another part of the game addressing the congestion issues, automatic housing demolition has been suspended as of yesterday, so even if you can’t log in you needn’t fear for the fate of your home.

There has been no end date announced for the demolition pause at this time; the implication is that it will persist until the congestion eases significantly, so it’s ambiguous. Players are reminded that the expansion’s full launch is not technically until tomorrow, but it’s likely that the major crush of people has already arrived, since early access was open to everyone who pre-ordered the expansion. But at least that’s one less thing to worry about if you’re stuck in an unmoving queue.

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