Warhammer Return of Reckoning plans new scenarios, new quests, and Necropolis of Zandr public tests

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The Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning has lots of big plans in 2022. Fresh announcements from the operators of the emulator outline the team’s ambitions for new content and additional features for players to enjoy outside of the MMORPG.

First off, Land of the Dead’s Necropolis of Zandri public testing will resume in mid-January. The Necropolis of Zandri has been reshaped by the RoR developers in order to focus on RvR, with multiple objectives and new ways to conquer the zone.

This content is likely expected by fans, but what might not be expected is the arrival of a Dwarves vs. Greenskin scenario that will involve an in-development new objective; a MOBA-like scenario that plays similarly to a single lane ARAM mode; and a new series of quest chains that will allow players to make choices like slaughter a whole village, spy on the enemy, or farm specific materials to gain a reward.

The RoR devs are also hoping to resurrect BioWare Mythic’s spinoff game Wrath of Heroes, adjusting the title’s three-way arena to a two-way one to accommodate the Order and Destruction factions.

Finally, RoR fans can look forward to a second round of Twitch Drops, new Discord integration that not only recognizes RoR as a currently playing game but also details character class, level, and the map that players are currently in, and a third-party stats service that provides insights into things like damage done in a zone, healing done in a zone, keep captures, city win rates, player revives, and more.

Specifics for all of these updates and features are planned to be shared over the course of the year, but overall it looks like 2022 is going to be a busy one for RoR.

source: press release, official site
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