Eternal Magic, infamous for alleged plagiarism, has sunsetted as of today


If you can stretch your brain all the way back to the long, long ago of 2019, you might recall that we saw the launch of a new MMORPG called Eternal Magic from developer Duoyi and distributor 101XP. This is the game that began with a beauty contest “for the girls” that would attract gifts and result in a statue of “the most popular girl.” And then it marched on to infamy as players began convincingly accusing it of plagiarizing assets from World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2; Eternal Magic’s developers’ formal response was to imply the accusations were just blogger clickbait (they were not), which actually led us to halt a giveaway on the game.

We gave the game a playthrough in 2020 after its official launch (our MMO Cartographer called it the Candy Crush of MMOs and said it didn’t have much on offer for core MMO players), plus one last check-in during the pandemic, and then the game pretty much fell off our radar. And it’s likely gone for good, as the game has officially sunsetted as of today.

The companies actually made the announcement back in December, meaning the game lasted only 20 months since its Steam launch in April 2020.

“For over two and a half years, we have been fighting alongside friends and allies, developing tactics and strategies, engaging in dire battles against powerful bosses. Together we fought for Terrasia, fulfilling the prophecies of the Four Goddesses of the Elements, Patron deities of the land. We faced the trials of fate with honor and shall remember all the unforgettable adventures for ages to come. Unfortunately, the time has come. We are forced to announce that on January 10, 2022, the world of Eternal Magic will be closing its doors forever.”

While the studio doesn’t specifically address why the game is coming to an end, SteamCharts tells the story; the game went from an average of 357 players at launch to 5 in the last month. Condolences to those of you who gave this a spin.

Source: Facebook, official site. Thanks, Castagere!
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