DC Universe Online permanently bans ‘egregious’ exploiters and removes exploited XP gains

Online, fine.

In mid-December of last year, DC Universe Online had outlined actions taken against exploiters of a bug that landed with Update 119, indefinitely suspending over 800 accounts as a result. The devs at Daybreak’s sub-studio Dimensional Ink have outlined additional steps made in the aftermath of this exploit, with bans now becoming permanent and XP gains earned from the exploit being completely removed.

The experience gain removal applies to all sources “regardless of whether someone exploited a little or a lot,” while certain players who weren’t permanently banned will see their item XP get removed. As for those permanent bans, they will apply to the “most egregious” cases, like those who are repeat offenders or made dummy accounts.

“We are not moving forward with the blanket permanent bans because of the nature of the exploit and the number of first-time offenders with high playtimes,” the announcement reasons. “In many ways, logging in to see your experience vaporized should be more devastating than simply moving on, and we believe this action is a more proportional response.”

As for those who didn’t take advantage of the situation and helped track the problem down, those players are getting a gift bundle that includes 6500 Ally Favor, 35 Source Marks, and a Perfected Exobyte Mega Pack among other things. Sometimes doing good has its rewards.

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