Star Citizen grants a first look at an upcoming ore refining ship and runs down alpha 3.17’s feature set


Yep, there’s another ship being added to Star Citizen. Yep, it’s still only in the concept phase. However, it is not being sold ahead of time (yet), but it is the feature of the first part of the newest Inside Star Citizen video.

Say hello to the MISC Expanse, a dedicated ore refining ship that will “fill a gap” in the overall mining gameplay loop, allowing mining ships to deposit freshly nibbled space rocks into one of six different refining reactors that can then be refined by the Expanse while in the void of space instead of trucking ore from a mining zone to a planetary refinery. Like other MISC ships, the Expanse is purely about industry and can be operated by a single person, meaning those who want to put together mining fleets could have a new tool in their box soon.

The latter half of the video grants a visual overview of many of the features coming to alpha 3.17, such as ship-to-ship refueling, loot generation, a major integration of Quanta background simulation tech to power commodity prices, new hospitals, and balancing of several status effects among other things. The next alpha build has no release date, but it does have some things for players to look forward to in the video below.

source: YouTube
Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2022, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised over $400M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured both indefatigable loyalty from advocates and immense skepticism from critics. A co-developed single-player title, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.

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