Lineage II: Aden boasts the Garden of Genesis in today’s update

It's a very literal land of confusion

This zone cannot dance.

At long last, players in the casual-friendly version of Lineage II: Aden can argue about whether the newest zone in the game is better with Phil Collins or Peter Gabriel. That’s because the newest area is the Garden of Genesis, filled with monsters that may or may not have an invisible touch but definitely have very visible touches and forms for you to beat up. It’s also a place where you can come together with players from multiple servers, possibly to commiserate over the fact that none of you can dance.

The general structure has weaker level 80 monsters in the left and right portion of the Garden, while the top portion of the garden expects you to team with players from other servers and also offers stronger level 85 opponents. There are, of course, special drops to be obtained from the zone and a number of treasures to be uncovered, especially for dispatching the boss Apherus, who appears in the zone every half hour. He’s no Flag Guardian Greg, but who is?

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