Guild Wars 2’s unnamed fourth expansion has announced its narrative lead


Back in March, ArenaNet promised many big things coming to Guild Wars 2 in the future, including a fourth expansion after End of Dragons. While the studio admitted at the time it won’t be talking much about that expansion for a while as it’s still very early days (and with likely a couple of years of living story in the meantime), it’s still welcome news to know that the game has a strong future.

And while we still don’t know where the plot is going to take us next, we do know who’s going to take us there: Indigo (Boock) Linde.

“I can say the thing now! I am the Narrative Lead on Expansion 4 of @GuildWars2,” Linde wrote on Twitter in a tweet amplified by Narrative Director and veteran birb Bobby Stein. “I’m thrilled that @barefootmatthew [Matthew Medina] is my design half and, oh, the shenanigans y’all are in for.”

Reddit is abuzz with the news, poring over Linde’s entry on the wiki, which suggests she’s worked on quite a bit of the game and End of Dragons, including elites, jade bots, and New Kaineng itself, as well as the upcoming relaunch of the first season of the living world.

Source: Twitter. Cheers, Kieran! This piece’s headline was corrected after publication to note Linde’s proper title (narrative lead) and reinstate Bobby Stein as narrative director. We regret the inadvertent demotion.
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