Star Wars fan strives to create the definitive SWTOR documentary

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After 15 years of development and a decade of live operation, Star Wars: The Old Republic has quite the storied history under its belt. One ardent fan of the MMO is seeking to document the entire saga of BioWare’s scifi epic with a multi-part series on YouTube called Unmasked.

YouTube video creator Loronline kicked off the documentary series this past month with a look at the creation of the game, its launch, and the “golden era” of SWTOR’s operation.

This project caught the attention of the blog MMO Folklorist, which interviewed Loronline about the massive undertaking. “My aim with ‘Unmasked’ was to make Star Wars: The Old Republic more digestible for the masses, and to in turn, encourage people to play the game. All this in the hopes that they too will find meaning and engagement within the MMO industry,” the documentary filmmaker said.

Check out the first three parts below:

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