The Daily Grind: Should more MMOs include a ‘comeback’ system from defeat?


We’ve seen this in so many action movies and television shows: Our hero is on the razor’s edge of defeat, only to employ a desperate last-ditch gambit that works or to surge up with one final burst of defiant will — and win the day. This kind of runs counter to how MMORPGs work, where if your hit points are whittled down to zero, you’re dead and it’s time to respawn.

The only MMO I know that employs some sort of comeback system is Guild Wars 2 with its downed mechanics. I still think that’s pretty nifty, as it gives players a shot to either be revived by others or to enact their own comeback. Yet it’s not a system that’s been copied (to my knowledge), and I strongly feel that it totally should be.

What do you think? Should more MMOs include a downed or comeback system, or is this not needed or too open to exploits to be useful?

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