Overwatch 2 shares seasonal patch plans from its October launch with PvE planned for 2023

And the crowd goes mild.

The wait is not yet over for Overwatch 2, but it’s getting close to being over… assuming you were mostly waiting for the PvP, anyhow. If it’s the PvE you were waiting for, you’re going to be waiting longer because that content isn’t planned until 2023. But the game as a free-to-play PvP shooter with a new battle pass seasonal progression model instead of the old loot boxes? That’s coming this year on October 4th, along with another new hero in the form of the Junker Queen.

You can check out the Queen’s reveal cinematic just below if you’re eager to play with this magnet-focused tank. She’s entering into the mix along with the game’s rebalanced and reimagined PvP, which augments the plans for a new nine-week seasonal content cycle including new skins, new battle passes, new maps, new heroes every other season, and more. There’s a lot here if you’re a fan of the game at this point and a promise of ever-evolving live content models; time will tell how well Blizzard manages to deliver on that cadence.

Source: Official Site, press release
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