Bug fix updates to Elite Dangerous end up causing a new list of known issues


Yes, we’re sorry to report that Elite: Dangerous continues to be unable to catch a break. Earlier this month, some hotfixes for Update 12 ended up causing a few more problems than they fixed, which are outlined in this week’s Discovery Scanner newsletter.

Among the known issues are stability and CTD problems, the inability to access ship functions from within a station, ship-launched fighters failing to attack Thargoids, and some visual weirdness related to the galaxy map UI and scatter rocks appearing flat black on terrain after using a full-screen UI. There are no timelines for when these issues will be addressed, but the Issue Tracker posting for the station services problem points out that players need to leave station services to access ship functions and then go back again as a workaround.

Another known bug involved Fleet Carriers upkeep costs not being deducted, which in turn caused those costs to stack up. The devs note here that a fix for this issue is on the way, scheduled for this week’s maintenance. After the patch, all accrued upkeep will be deducted from player accounts.

sources: official forums, official site, thanks to Stuart for the tip!
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