AdventureQuest Worlds Unity opens up its Steam page, plans a 2023 release and Steam Deck launch


Most of our readers (and viewers of our Stream Team) are familiar with AdventureQuest 3D, but there is another game from the IP that’s in development known as AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity, a side-scrolling 2-D edition of the MMORPG that effectively is a reboot of the original MMO. The devs at Artix Entertainment have been working on what’s called “the omni project” to make the game cross-platform compatible for PC and mobile devices, and this past Friday the team took a big step to that goal with the official opening of the game’s Steam page.

AQ2D promises a game that gives players the freedom to “be whatever [their] heart desires,” with weekly updates, over 100 classes, over 10,000 weapons, and “absolutely crazy storylines,” while a related dev blog notes that the game is functional on a Steam Deck but needs some specific adjustments, so a release on that platform is possible, though the post also notes that “[the devs] need to finish the core game first.”

AQ2D’s Steam page notes a release window of sometime in 2023, but the game can be added to a wishlist now, and testing of the PC version is planned through Steam’s test play feature. Additionally, the post confirmed that AQ2D would be opening up a Kickstarter, with backers being granted early access; timing for the crowdfunding campaign was not announced.

sources: Steam via Reddit, official site
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