Mortal Online 2 deploys its massive Necromancy patch complete with a new world boss

Don't let it die.

You know what they call people who see something die and then just leave its corpse there, possibly as a warning to others? Quitters. And Mortal Online 2 isn’t for quitters, which is why its newest patch brings in the new Necromancy skill that allows players to reanimate dead bodies and find all sorts of creative things to do with the recently deceased. Build a mocking monstrosity of flesh and sinew to rip apart your enemies to demonstrate your necromantic might? Put a picture of that on Instagram with #NecroBoss and sip champagne by a pool.

Speaking of bosses, this patch does bring in a new massive boss out in the remote parts of Myrland, as well as a new dungeon for players to explore. There’s also new stuff to craft and a wide variety of quality-of-life changes made to the game across the board to generally make things better for players along the way. Check out the full patch notes for all the details, or watch the trailer just below if you want your updates to be delivered with a touch more sizzle.

Source: Steam
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