Player-run Glitch reboot continues updates with new features, UI overhauls, and a pet rock


Regular readers know that we’ve been covering the sandbox MMO Glitch for a very long time now. The game originally shut down in 2012 but was being revived by players with the blessing of original developer TinySpark. Initially, there were actually two player-run revivals called Eleven and Children of Ur, but in 2019 the devs behind both projects¬†joined forces, and then an apparently separate group sprang up to release a demo version of the MMO as Odd Giants last year.

It’s been some time since we last checked in on Odd Giants’ reboot, but a look at the official forums shows a number of updates made to the game over the past few months, including a UI overhaul, the reintroduction of bags complete with additional inventory improvements, a quick item picker feature to help with planting seeds or feeding a piggy, and perhaps most important of all, a more communicative pet rock and the return of housing.

The revived sandbox still calls itself an “early alpha version” of the game, but its official website also celebrates over 1,000 created accounts with a feed showing off plenty of recent in-game activity. The game also has a Patreon in case fans want to support the efforts of the community devs.

source: official forums, official site (1, 2)
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