CCP Games’ VR multiplayer game aspirations expire as EVE Valkyrie, Sparc, and EVE Gunjack go dark


This past weekend saw CCP Games’ run at VR games development die on the vine, as the shooter EVE Gunjack, the sports title Sparc, and the online spaceship dogfighter EVE Valkyrie all shut down last Friday.

The closure date for all of these titles was announced at the beginning of July with a message that was first posted by Valkyrie and shared among all three VR titles. The sunsets mark the final burial of CCP Games’ initial drive into the VR gaming space, which was backed by investors to the tune of $30M and heralded by the developer as a strategy that would pay off in a few years’ time. However, 2017 saw two studios dedicated to VR shut down by CCP, one of which was picked up by Sumo Digital, and of course CCP Games itself was bought out by South Korea’s Pearl Abyss a year later.

MMO blogger Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob put up a postmortem piece about the closure, providing his own personal insight into all three titles and musing about the reason for the shutdown. “So it goes. Another bad bet by CCP has run its course,” he concludes.

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