Diablo II Resurrected brings the farming-focused Terror Zones feature to PTR


Hitting the level cap of 99 in Diablo II: Resurrected can feel like a milestone achievement the first time through, but perhaps you’re the sort who just wants an alt to get to cap ASAP or you don’t really put a lot of weight on getting to cap the ol’ fashioned way. If that’s the case, then you might be interested in the Terror Zones feature that is now available to test on the game’s PTR.

Players who enable Terror Zones in their game will see random zones on the map get overrun by demons at the top of every hour. These demons will be two levels above the character’s current level or their original level up to a maximum level range tied to one of three difficulties, while defeating them will grant additional XP rewards.

“We want to offer an alternative to repeatedly farming Baal, Diablo, or Nihlathak,” the announcement explains. “We also want the journey to level 99 to be accessible to a larger population of players, full of variety, and most importantly, challenging.”

The PTR build also features a long list of quality-of-life adjustments, some bug fixes specific to the PC version, and some localization updates on top, but the testing focus will primarily be on how well this new farming feature feels to players.

Activision-Blizzard is considered a controversial gaming company owing to a long string of scandals over the last few years, including the Blitzchung boycott, mass layoffs, labor disputes, and executive pay fiasco. In 2021, the company was sued by California for fostering a work environment rife with sexual harassment and discrimination, the disastrous corporate response to which compounded Blizzard’s ongoing pipeline issues and the widespread perception that its online games are in decline. Multiple state and federal agencies are investigating the company as employees unionize and call for Bobby Kotick’s resignation. As of 2022, the company is being acquired by no less than Microsoft.
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