Check out these amazing World of Warcraft tableaus made for tabletop Dungeons & Dragons

Parses were still a thing, even then.

If you’ve ever run a tabletop game inspired by World of Warcraft, you probably relied a fair bit on the fact that most of the people playing had some knowledge of the landscapes of Azeroth to begin with. But that’s not how Todd Putnam does things. Todd Putnam is a dungeon master who is obviously a wizard with assembling tabletop scenery for games, and he’s gotten a community spotlight on Wowhead for creating amazing tabletop scenery based on several iconic locations within WoW.

Anyone who has played the game will no doubt recognize Molten Core, the Stockades, Elwynn Forest, and Zul’gurub; Putnam goes even further with elaborate recreations of the Jasperlode Mines, the Westfall Lighthouse, and even Veil Skith in Terokkar Forest. (Yes, that’s technically not a landscape of Azeroth.) The work he’s put in is amazing, so even if you’ve never played a tabletop game in your life, you can admire all the care and detail put into these creations. He even has a whole YouTube channel; we’ve included a few choice picks below.

Source: Wowhead
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