Zenith will be a PS VR2 launch title and will be a free upgrade for original PS VR owners


The VR MMO Zenith is already on a bunch of VR platforms, from the Rift to PS VR to Steam early access, but soon it will land on an additional platform: the upcoming PS VR2 system as one of its launch titles.

The announcement came with a trailer that showed off the game running in the new VR system while also lauding use of PS VR2’s features such as its adaptive triggers and headset vibration feedback. A follow-up tweet also confirmed the trailer in question showcased the new raid content and early level dungeon scheduled to arrive this month.

While the PS VR2 itself won’t be coming until February 2023, pre-orders for this version of Zenith will be available on November 15th. Additionally, those who already own the MMO on the original PS VR will be able to upgrade to the PS VR2 edition for free. Of course, those who would rather have the game fully launch on PC as originally planned during the game’s crowdfunding drive will apparently have to wait until early access is done with and Ramen VR is done releasing on other consoles.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), PlayStation Blog
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