Rockstar draws a line in the sand over GTA Online roleplay servers creating NFTs


One of the many ways players engage with Grand Theft Auto Online is by creating third-party roleplay servers, which often can change the game in a variety of ways, from specifically enforced rules to game-changing mods. And by and large, Rockstar Games is OK with that, but in an answer on the developer’s support page, it confirms that there are some things that these servers will not be allowed to do, and it involves NFTs.

The support page post references an existing mods policy for single-player on PC, stating that Take Two Interactive will go after roleplay servers that either misuse the IP, import other IP into the game, or commercialize GTAO in any way, including selling lootboxes for money, corporate sponsorships, and “the use of cryptocurrencies or crypto assets (e.g. ‘NFTs’).” Also just to cover its bases, the answer further clarifies that the studio has the right to withdraw any portion of its enforcement statement at its own discretion.

“Third party ‘roleplay’ servers are an extension of the rich array of community-created experiences within Grand Theft Auto that we hope will continue to thrive in a safe and friendly way for many years to come,” the post reads.

This is one of the latest in a sizable list of game studios and publishers pushing back against blockchain and NFT tech in gaming. Readers will remember Minecraft developer Mojang outright banned NFTs of the game; EVE Online made a declarative statement that “NFT stands for Not For Tranquility” (but only after significant player pushback); and BitCraft has confirmed that it won’t integrate crypto in spite of its name suggesting a tie to Bitcoin, calling the scheme a “black hole.” That said, there are plenty of other studios and publishers still chasing the tech including Pearl Abyss, Square-Enix, and XLGames, despite crypto’s continued downward spiral and the knock-on effect of wrecking games with it.

source: Rockstar support page via Cheers, Steve!
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