Craftopia announces the terrain for its open world update is ‘almost finished’ in monthly dev report


Do you remember Craftopia? We certainly do. This distinctively odd survival sandbox, which first entered early access in 2020, has mostly been focused on moving from instanced maps accessed by portals to a single open world; development on the feature started in July 2021 and developer Pocketpair has been writing monthly update digests on its progress ever since.

This brings us to this month’s update post, which makes the proud announcement that the terrain for the Seamless World update is “almost finished,” with a total of six biomes spread out across a map that’s 20 times bigger than the maps the current build has to offer. In addition, the world map will continue to balloon in size with subsequent updates.

For now, the devs are focusing in on adding finer details, improving quality, and enhancing playability to this new map. There’s still no timeline for when this major update will go live, but it at least appears that some significant progress has been made. In the meantime, the existing early access version of the survivalbox saw its last update this past November, which fixed a bug that casued building data to not sync up properly.

source: Steam (1, 2)
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