Elder Scrolls Online offers players a peek at Scribes of Fate’s upcoming Bal Sunnar dungeon


The Shadow Over Morrowind content releases for Elder Scrolls Online are coming in just a couple of weeks beginning with the Scribes of Fate DLC, and with new DLC come new dungeons for players to delve, the first of which is being previewed ahead of its launch.

Welcome to Bal Sunnar, a Telvanni township in the eastern region of Stonefalls that’s suffering from a slight case of temporal anomaly problems, which has prompted the Psijic Order – and by extension player characters – to investigate. Players can look forward to all sorts of unfriendly time magic-wielding Telvanni, distorted beasts, disease-ridden foes, and three different bosses to take on.

As for rewards, those include new achievements, titles, cosmetics like an emote and a banner skin, and four different gear sets, one of which is part of the preview post. Scribes of Fate arrives to PC on March 13th and consoles March 28th, but fans can peer into a future fight now.

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