Warframe’s Duviri Paradox gets new details and a new trailer as it sets its sights on an April release


Are you ready for yet another open world location in Warframe but are concerned that you don’t have the levels, gear, and other goofy-named gubbins necessary to experience any of it? Then you might be pleased to note that the Duviri Paradox expansion, which has just confirmed an April release window, is angling to let every player into its latest big zone.

The titular location for this new expansion is being heralded by Digital Extremes as “a roguelike-inspired and emotionally driven open world experience accessible to all players new and old.” This new zone is described as a fractured reality of bright colors that changes based on the mood of the Mad Child King Dominus Thrax, while its storyline is all focused around the Drifter, his Kaithe mount, and the villainous Thrax (the goofy naming clearly won’t stop with this update).

More information about the Duviri Paradox was part of the game’s latest devstream, which provided closer looks at important locations like the Teshin’s Cave central hub and the Undercroft, the mechanics of the Kaithe, and the Decrees system that applies rotating random benefits.

There was more than just Duviri details in the stream, as it also showed off a Hildryn Prime Frame arriving on March 15th, confirmed the return of TennoCon as an in-person event for August 26th, and detailed expansions to the Incaron system among other things. It’s another fully loaded broadcast that can either be skimmed in a synopsis or watched in full below, along with the new cinematic trailer for the Duviri Paradox.

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