Warframe ushers in 10th anniversary as devs deliver a glimpse of Soulframe

People always ask why I pick these screenshots and the answer is usually just that I felt like it.

Believe it or not, it’s been nearly 10 years since Warframe launched on March 25th, 2013 — and you can best believe that Digital Extremes is going to leverage this decade anniversary for all its worth.

As part of the celebration, the studio is handing away a lot of free stuff: “Bi-weekly in-game rewards will kick off this week on Friday, March 24th and will run through Friday, June 2nd, cycling through new and returning fan-favorite login rewards including Warframe Dex Skins, Armor, Ephemera, Weapons and more.”

The studio posted some statistics from the past 10 years, including over 213 million forma crafted, 5.6 trillion shots fired, and 16.2 million gifts given out during that period.

Tickets for the “explosive return” of TennoCon this August will go up for sale on April 5th.

As a special bonus, during the latest developer livestream, the team at Digital Extremes also showed off a bit of the studio’s upcoming Soulframe, which you can see around the one-hour mark:

Source: Press release, Warframe. Thanks Sophiskiai!
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