Dungeons and Dragons Online hands out free questing coupons to all


I’ve long held the opinion that Dungeons and Dragons Online is one of the more underrated MMORPGs on the market, especially with its narration, puzzle solving, intricate character progression, and multi-campaign scope. And now you have a chance to enjoy even more of it, because Standing Stone Games wants to hand you 47 free quest packs.

The studio said that players can redeem the code “DUNGEONCRAWL” on their accounts for the unlocks: “Now through April 23rd, 2023 you can enter a special coupon code through redeem code in the DDO Store in-game to unlock a trove of quests, raids, and adventure packs for free! This content will be permanently added to your account. Everyone can redeem the code, whether you are a free player, premium, or VIP!”

Additionally, SSG is making the following expansions available for just 99 points in the game store through April 23rd: Masterminds of Sharn, Menace of the Underdark, Mists of Ravenloft, and The Shadowfell Conspiracy.

Source: DDO. Thanks Hirku!
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