Guild Wars 2 previews next week’s ‘outliers’ balance update

Look how they massacred my boy.

Lock up your kids and your spouses because Guild Wars 2 is moseying into town for another class balance showdown — and there’s no telling who’s going to come out of this unscathed and who’s going to be transformed into an abnormal mutant that’s barely recognized from its former self.

Actually, it doesn’t sound as severe and game-change as some balance patches of the past: “This is a smaller update focused on addressing some outliers in the current state of the game while we wrap up our next major profession balance update, which is currently slated for June 27.”

The patch will nerf the Elementalist’s fresh air catalyst, beef up Engineer holosmith builds, adjust various Guardian builds up and down the line, force Mesmers to rethink staff and axe builds, buffed power-based Reapers, zapped some of the potential of the Ranger’s fervent force, tinkered with a couple of Revenant builds, mostly left the Thief alone, and upjacked Warrior power builds.

Source: Guild Wars 2
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