Early access survival sandbox V Rising has finally launched its first big update, Secrets of Gloomrot


Early access survival sandbox V Rising has had a quiet first year of existence after winning awards for its launch in 2022. Its first major update was meant to launch last fall but was delayed quite a bit. But the wait is over today, as Gloomrot is finally live.

“Welcome to the harrowing biome of Gloomrot, a colossal new zone featuring two distinct regions contorted via the pursuit of sinister science,” the studio says. “This is one of the many revamps to the already sprawling area of Vardoran, offering even more to explore and conquer. With all this extra space, there is now more to do; V Rising’s vampiric gameplay has been enhanced with new items, enemy types, combat options, and gameplay features.” Those gameplay features include the long-awaited multi-level castles, new bosses, the world revamp, improved combat, and of course, the biome itself.

Fans will want to scope out some extra info: The patch notes are up – as is the list of known issues (mostly crashes, performance, and jewel bugs) – and the studio released a dev blog on the new reset schedule for official servers. The new part there is that a reset schedule now exists where there wasn’t one before, chiefly as a clean-up system, and there are new server types to go along with it.

Source: Official site, press release, Steam
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