Overwatch 2 director attempts to take back control of the narrative over PvE cancellation

Popcorn appropriately.

It hasn’t been a fun week to be Aaron Keller, game director of Overwatch 2 and one of the people taking the brunt of the blame for the cancellation of most of the game’s PvE components. Keller’s latest post on the official site is all about trying to take back control of the narrative, insisting that story missions are coming and that the real problem was that Blizzard ever promised hero mode and hero missions at all because that was always far too ambitious.

“When we launched Overwatch in 2016, we quickly started talking about what that next iteration could be. Looking back at that moment, it’s now obvious that we weren’t as focused as we should have been on a game that was a runaway hit.”

The post is fairly vague on explanations, falling back on the same general justification that the overall scope was just too large without details. Keller also raises but doesn’t really answer the question about why the announcement came now instead of earlier, especially in the context of another interview that made clear the scope and plans shifted a year and a half ago. If you’re in the crowd that’s angry about this change, this latest dispatch is unlikely to mollify you; on the other hand, if you were under the misapprehension that all PvE had been canceled for the game, this does reiterate that’s not the case.

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