Final Fantasy XIV restarts house demolitions on Chaos and Light following suspensions


If you play on Final Fantasy XIV’s Chaos or Light data centers and have been enjoying your house, good news: You don’t need to do anything new. But if you’ve been playing on those centers and you’ve let your attendance to your house be… let’s say lacking? Well, you’re going to need to fix that up soon, as the developers have announced the demolition timers will start once again on June 21st. That means that you need to visit your house or it will get demolished.

House demolition was paused for the data centers back in February, a measure that the developers often take when a given data center’s service region suffers a real-world event that might make it otherwise difficult for players to log in and check on their houses. But that grace period is ending later this month. Although if you’re one of the people suffering from slow connection times with AT&T as a service provider, well, that’s still going on and might affect your ability to log into those data centers. It’d be nice if ISPs weren’t so region-locked, but here we are.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Melissa for the tip!
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