Star Wars Galaxies Restoration rogue server expands galactic civil war mechanics in latest update


If you think the galactic civil war feature that played out in Star Wars Galaxies was kind of humdrum back in the day, perhaps the Restoration rogue server will reshape your opinion, as its newest content update has introduced a host of mechanics to GCW that are intended to make participation in the fight more meaningful.

The primary feature for this new update is the ability for senior officers on both sides to control planets, with a primary focus on destroying enemy bases. Players can now assign themselves regions to defend and are demoted upon losing control of the area, while GCW officer ranks now have new abilities available to them like the ability to call in reinforcements or an air strike. In addition, factional vendors now offer exclusive armor and weapon skins at higher ranks.

On top of the GCW-focused feature set, this new update has completely overhauled combat, adding new UI features, tuning down damage, and focusing on locomotion and combat states, all in an effort to bring combat more in-line with modern MMOs and encourage strategic thinking. All of the details of everything that’s new can be read in the patch notes.

Meanwhile, the game’s content roadmap has seen some reshuffling of features. Update 1.2 will focus on enriching the Jedi experience, promising “a long but worthwhile journey, culminating on a strange new world, facing new foes, and gaining support from an ally fans of Star Wars have been waiting to see brought to life within a game.” Future features coming soon include a 64-bit client upgrade and the addition of an in-game network of underground Jedi smuggling safe houses that grant Jedi players a place to safely meet, train, and trade.

source: press release
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