World of Warcraft’s patch 1.14.4 adds in the new honor system for Classic on August 22

Cutty time

Do you hate dealing with the fact that your biggest opponent in the Honor system in WoW Classic is other players? Probably, since that was something cited as an issue back when World of Warcraft first implemented the system. While that honor system is long gone now in the modern game, WoW Classic is still dealing with it… until the maintenance on August 22nd, which will change the system to a new setup that has a different form of decay and no longer ranks players against one another on their own faction.

The new system has a number of changes, such as providing immediate feedback for each honorable kill, a fixed amount of decay on any week when sufficient progress is not made, and decay capped at a level that would demote you so you can never fall a rank without Dishonorable Kills. It should make PvP progress much more fixed and far less onerous. It’s only a couple of weeks away, too.

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