Lost Ark’s jump start servers open up on September 13 – here are the details


Fans and followers of Lost Ark already knew that jump start servers were headed to the MMOARPG in September, but now Amazon Games has tied down an official launch date and shared more details on how many servers will open as well as what players can expect when they hop in.

These servers will open up on Wednesday, September 13th, with four servers coming online: two for NA players on the east and west coasts, one for EU players, and one for South America. Players on these servers will be isolated from other servers in terms of PvE matchmaking, party finder, and auction house access, while Amazon promises to keep its eyes on player populations and progress to assess whether jump start servers should merge back into regular servers in six months’ time.

Naturally, these servers ramp up XP earnings across various methods by 200%, but players on jump start servers will also be able to take advantage of a story express event, a powerpass, and an exclusive Shining Mokoko’s event that grants additional rewards for clearing and reclearing endgame content. Jump start players will also earn tokens that can be spent in a unique exchange shop for various items that improve honing, rapport, Stepping-stone Card sets, and their sailing ships.

More details for September’s patch update are promised soon, including the patch notes at some time next week, but until then there’s plenty of information out now for those looking to jump ahead. And if you’re curious about how Amazon is going to handle these servers and some of the potential pitfalls with them, we’ve asked them those questions and more in our interview.

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