Trimurti Online is an ‘oriental fantasy’ MMO currently in stress testing ahead of a December 8 launch


Looking at screenshots of Trimurti Online, you might be forgiven for thinking this MMORPG is actually some long-forgotten relic of the PlayStation 2 era, but it’s not; it’s very much a new game (made in Unreal Engine 5, apparently) that’s angling for a December 8th launch on Steam and currently in stress testing now.

Trimurti Online has all the elements of a classic MMO brought to the present, with improved mechanics and modern graphics in which you relive the history of humanity in its bloody struggle to recover our once-vibrant world, desolated by the Maras, demonic beasts with the mission of vanquishing humanity.”

Players of Trimurti are invited to explore an “oriental fantasy world” full of raid bosses to hunt, valuables and cosmetics to find, and three-way PvP arena fights to engage in, while it attempts to provide a “nostalgic classic feeling of playing an old school MMORPG using modern technology.”

A second round of stress testing for Trimurti kicked off earlier this month with no specified time for when it would stop, as the latest announcement noting only that this test round would be longer than the first. Entering into the test is a simple matter of clicking the big green button on Steam, but you can perhaps check out the little red play button of the videos below.

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