Destiny 2 announces plans to completely remove legendary shards currency from the game


Legendary shards are one of those currencies that Destiny 2 players can either have too much of or not enough of, and that can be a problem since its spent on important things like upgrade materials. In the interests of reducing currency bloat and making the game easier to approach for everyone, Bungie has announced that legendary shards are going away starting with Season 23.

The start of the new season will see shard costs removed from the Monument to Lost Lights and gear focusing, followed by a complete deletion of the currency when The Final Shape releases. Players should note that the currency isn’t being replaced with anything, nor is it being exchanged; if you have shards in your pocket by the time of the expansion’s launch, they’ll simply blip out of existence, so if you’re sitting on a hoard of shards, you’ll probably want to get spending.

This change will naturally have some knock-on effects for other systems in the shooter. Breaking down legendary and exotic items – a primary source for shards – will now award some more glimmer and enhancement cores, and while glimmer prices will not be rising, glimmer, certain engrams, and other materials will be dropping more frequently from many activities.

While the end of shards is one of the larger pieces out of this week’s newsletter, the post also outlines Season 23 updates for PvP players, including the launch of Tribute mode for the season’s Iron Banner, the return of the Citadel map, adjusted spawn locations across several other maps, and Strand-related medals for Crucible. Meanwhile, PvE players can look ahead to some tweaks to a pair of exotic armors in the middle of Season 22 and several weapon tuning changes for Season 23, all of which are detailed in the newsletter.

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