Diablo IV outlines updates to items, stats, and classes arriving with Season of Blood


Yesterday saw another campfire chat livestream from Diablo IV, which brought on several devs to discuss a variety of updates to items, resistances, damage, and classes arriving with the Season of Blood on October 18th.

The stream started by pointing out resistance updates that make them additive to a cap of 70%, though certain items can bring the cap up to 85%. Hitting this maximum is done through a combination of gear, paragon unlocks, and elixirs.

On the subject of items – specifically unique items – those will change to have stats that can’t be found anywhere else in the game. Incidentally, this means existing uniques will be adjusted, uniques can break slot rules in some cases, and Season of Blood will bring new uniques to the game. Finally, certain unique items can be directly chased by way of farming new endgame bosses.

Critical strike, vulnerable, and overpower damage bonuses will be changed in the coming season too, with each getting individual multiplier caps. The purpose of these adjustments is to reward players for specializing into a primary vector for damage and then make them find other damage types to dish out; monster power will be tuned to account for this adjustment.

Finally, the stream goes over a list of changes to D4’s classes both in general and in specific, with most of the adjustments falling on the buff side of the scale. More granular information can be found by either watching the stream in full below or scanning over Wowhead’s summary.

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