Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 40 and Endless Archive content are live on console today


Console Elder Scrolls Online players, your last major update of 2023 has officially arrived today as Update 40 goes live, two weeks after the PC launch. Update 40 is notable because it’s not accompanied by a paid DLC as the quarterly releases have offered in the past; instead, its tentpole feature is Endless Archive, the game’s new replayable content mode that scales along with the player.

“Update 40 features the new PvE gameplay activity, Endless Archive, where you must battle your way through dynamic stages with monsters and bosses you’ve encountered all throughout Tamriel,” ZeniMax Online Studios explains. “Endless Archive can be played solo, or with a friend or Companion, and gives you the opportunity to obtain all sorts of new loot and collectibles including new Class Item Sets, a unique mount, and more.”

As was true for PC players too, update 40 has more in store, including the group finder tool (which expands to cover dungeons, arenas, trials, PvP, and the Endless Archive itself), the jewelry crafting overhaul, a standardization pass for quest experience and gold drops, and consolidated crafting stations dubbed Grand Master crafting stations.

And in other ESO news, ZOS is kicking off the Gates of Oblivion event on Thursday.

Source: Press release
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