Fractured Online deploys medium-sized patch with ‘urgent balance changes’


Will Fractured Online be the stealth comeback story of 2023? That remains to be seen as we’ve watched this battered title endure a troubled saga with Gamigo, be yanked off of Steam, and try to start over again with this month’s re-launch. Since then, Dynamight Studios has been shoring up weak spots with the early access build.

And it’s those weak spots — most notably in the field of exploits and balancing — that the studio is addressing with this week’s medium-sized patch. The patch changes how “evil players” may be manipulating the PvP system, denies everyone the ability to steal carts, fixes a host of bugs, reworks how execute functions, and rebalances armor resist, encumbrance, poison status effects, and several spells.

Dynamight said that it’s working on a follow-up patch next week that will continue the balance work and shape up archery and fencing.

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