Diablo IV previews its upcoming Midwinter Blight event in new video


How exactly is the festive season going to look in the blood-drenched OARPG Diablo IV? You can probably guess that there will be some white snow to mix in with all of the hues of realism brown, but players will also want to keep their eyes out for places covered in purple. That’s some of the information dropped by Blizzard in a video digest that summarizes how its Midwinter Blight holiday event will work.

Players can kick off this violent twist on Christmastime by speaking with an NPC, then heading to areas that are covered in purple to get their hands on seasonal materials, which are dropped from event-specific targets like blightfiends, frigid husks, and the Red-Cloaked Horror boss. Once players have hoovered up these materials, they can take them to a crafting bench in the event’s square to convert them into midwinter proofs, which in turn can be spent like currency for rewards and raise the midwinter tribute tier.

Speaking of rewards, players can look forward to grisly class-specific back cosmetics, a variety of weapon skins, gold, armor, gem fragments, a buff-granting potion, and a seasonal aspect that should help players mow down holiday baddies faster. The Midwinter Blight kicks off on December 12th and runs until January 2nd.

source: YouTube
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