A look back at the MMO and gaming science topics of 2023

Never quest.

This month marks MOP’s ninth consecutive year covering science-related news specific to MMORPGs and MMOs, but like last year, there wasn’t nearly as much as the flurry of papers and politics over lockboxes, gambling, and demographics has given way to fighting back against AI’s excesses and crypto’s abuses. Indeed, our own Lawful Neutral columnist Andy dived deep into the AI morass to try to determine whether and how AI might affect our genre.

But my favorite science story of the year was once again from EVE Online, whose Project Discovery endeavor in 2023 enjoined players to help cure cancer, training AI to analyze data samples at scale in exchange for in-game perks.

Here’s our collection of the best science-related MMO articles on MOP from the year behind us. Don’t worry – there’s no quiz – but if we made one person even a hair smarter, it was worth it.

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