DC Universe Online marks its 13th anniversary with a returning event and free goodies for all


DC Universe Online is 13 years old this month, which naturally means that the players are the ones getting the presents, along with a returning event and a giveaway for a t-shirt. And no, it doesn’t read, “I played DCUO for 13 years and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” Though that might be a good one for next year; you can have that one for free, Daybreak.

The in-game celebrations primarily focus around the returning Attack of the Anti-Monitor event, which brings back several open world missions, the Centennial Collapse raid, the Speed Force Flux raid, and A World Past Hope and Fear solo mission. Rewards for the event include Wonder Twin costume styles, a new fistbump emote, and a plethora of new base items to mark the occasion.

As for the free goodies, every player gets a Cracked Source Chroma pack and a skip to CR 368 with an Owlsuit style, while subscribers will also receive a Shadow Bender Chroma bundle and an artifact giveaway pack filled with a plethora of enhancement materials. All of these freebies are claimable by only one level 10 character on an account between now and January 31st.

Finally, players are invited to repost a tweet to enter for a chance at an exclusive commemorative t-shirt. So whether it’s in-game or in meatspace, there are presents to scoop up for DCUO fans.

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