Blizzard’s maintenance-moded Heroes of the Storm is getting another patch – with hero buffs


Back in autumn of last year, Blizzard created a minor stir by launching several small patches for its maintenance-moded MOBA Heroes of the Storm. Now the studio is at it again, with a new patch being released onto the game’s public test realm.

As before, this patch is mostly bug fixes and minor polishing, but there’s an additional wrinkle this time in the form of actual balance changes. They’re small changes — just targeted buffs to a few talents for Medivh, Nova, and Li Li — but they represent the first real balance changes the game has received since it entered maintenance mode in 2022.

This has added further fuel to the ongoing speculation that Heroes of the Storm may undergo some kind of revival now that Activision-Blizzard is under the Microsoft banner. A return to full development might be highly unlikely given its long neglect, but it does seem increasingly plausible that Blizzard may be planning a Steam launch – or at least to support the game a little more than it has going forward.

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