Don’t look now but Blizzard has been quietly patching up Heroes of the Storm


When it comes to Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard is putting the “maintenance” back in “maintenance mode” as November 16th saw a new patch for the MOBA, close on the heels of a smaller patch dropped in September, which was the first update for the game in over a year.

If you were hoping for new maps or heroes, you’ll be disappointed, but these patches do include a wealth of polishing and bug fixes. Some older cosmetics have also been brought back to the cash shop, one of which was never available before.

Fans on reddit are jokingly taking this as a sign development on the game may resume, though most admit that’s extremely unlikely. A more plausible theory is that Blizzard may be preparing to launch HOTS on Steam, having already brought Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV to the platform. If nothing else, it’s a sign Blizzard hasn’t entirely forgotten its ill-fated MOBA.

We dipped a toe back in Heroes of the Storm a few months ago and found it an uneven experience that nonetheless still has some of the old magic.

Source: Patch notes
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