My Time at Sandrock added greenhouses and babies – but not for multiplayer fans


Back in November, we lightly covered the proper launch of My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia, both cozy sandboxes with cult followings. The key difference? Sandrock boasted built-in online co-op multiplayer for PC. That, and the fact that the settings are pretty different; Sandrock is set in a dusty desert with an Old West feel.

We bring it up again this week because Pathea Games hasn’t been sitting on its thumbs this whole time, though the updates are a little confusing as the various versions don’t maintain perfect parity.

On Tuesday, the Switch version of the game got its first major content update, with new ruins, romance quests, furniture, babies (yes), marriage quests, factories, greenhouses, more beards, and performance improvements.

PC, by contrast, has already received some of those updates; instead, it’s expecting multiplayer mode updates coming out at some point in the next couple of weeks as Pathea moves things like clothing and events into multiplayer. Don’t expect the factory, greenhouse, or babies system to make it into multiplayer, however. A quarterly update is coming for PC in March.

Xbox and PS5 consoles are still waiting for their launch later this year.

“We want to keep up this stream of updates—major updates seasonally, and then we have maintenance patches every single month,” Pathea told Nintendo Life in a recent interview. “As people are feeding back to us, they’re finding bugs, we’re fixing all of those bugs in maintenance patches. Our team is on this, this game is not going away, and we’re just giving the players the tip of the iceberg here. And there’s a lot more content, there’s a lot more gameplay, there’s a lot more things to do with each other within the game and also with your friends in the future that are coming.”

Source: Press release, Steam, Nintendo Life
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